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Neuro Foundation Nepal

“Learn from the best; improve on it & hand it over to the next generation.”

Neuro-Foundation Nepal is a non-profitable organization dedicated to the growth and development of neurosurgery related activities in Nepal. As stated in its motto. Learn from the best; improve on it & hand it over to the next generation.  It tries to learn from the best teacher, adapt the technology in Nepalese context and with time improve on it. The eventual goal will be to hand it over to the next generation so that the process is ongoing. All the asset of the organization in the form of infrastructure, equipment, ideas, organization will automatically be transferred to the new generation. This concept was proposed by Dr. Basant Pant 5 years ago which was readily accepted by the fellow members. The group was practicing this idea in an informal way since 4 years ago and decided to make a formal organization, thus NFN was born. NFN will be the parent organization which will coordinate with neurosurgery department of different hospitals under its management.