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 Ongoing Research


-Development of Enzyme linked immunoelectrotransferblot techniques (EITB ) in

Collaboration with Central Department of Biotechnology, T.U.

-Diagnosis of Neurocysticercosis from the Strip gifted by CDC, USA.

– Neurocyticercosis in epileptic patients Visiting Annapurna Neurological Institute and

Allied Sciences.



Pant, B., Devleesschauwer, B., Shrestha, P., Shrestha, I., Praet, N., & Dorny, P. (2011).
Intraventricular Taenia solium Neurocysticercosis: A Report of Three Cases. JNMA;
journal of the Nepal Medical Association, 51(184), 192.
Pant, B., Shrestha, P., Arita, K., & Hori, T. (2004). Initial experience of different surgical
techniques in temporal lobe epilepsy in Nepal. Nepal Journal of Neuroscience, 1(2), 98-
Pant, B., Shrestha, P., Dhakal, S., & Sainju, R. K. (2007). Current status of epilepsy surgery in
Nepal. Neurology Asia, 12(2), 29-33.


Study of prevalence of amino acid mutation (Ala98Val) Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor1

Alpha in association with Type 2 diabetes in diabetic Population of Kathmandu In

Collaboration with SAAN International College.


Anticancer activity of traditionally used high valuable medicinal plant of Nepal.

Future Research:

Detection of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and other infectious diseases

by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).