servicesAnnapurna Neurological Institute and Allied Sciences  (अन्नपूर्ण  न्यूरोलोजिकल ईन्स्टीच्युट एण्ड एलाईड साईन्सेस) (ANIAS) was established as a rehabilitation center in the year 2009. The excellent health services at affordable cost has enabled ANIAS to transform into full fledged hospital that provides diagnostic, preventive and curative service. Since the establishment, the objective of the hospital has been to deliver & disseminate accessible high quality medical service to the people of Nepal and which can be duplicated through standardization of the process. To achieve this excellence, the hospital abides by the motto of  “Learn from the best, improve on it & hand it over to the next generation”.

ANIAS has an experienced team of dedicated doctors, trained health professionals along with well equipped technology that ensures best patient treatment.

Nepal japan Neurosurgical Conference

BPant portraitOur mission is to provide sustainable affordable dignified multispeciality medical service under one roof.We want to create our institute as a model care which incorporate treatment research and public health activitiesa model which can be duplicated in other parts of the world.
From this year we will start encouraging village based micro insurance program,which will be back bone of our institute in future.